Agere’s Essence: Agere makes projects happen. We like to believe and procure that things get done. We are independence, experience, compromise, believe, we are credibility

Our Believes. We believe in experience and sectorial expertise which render credibility. We believe in being committed with our customers and partners who are the focus of our business and whose success is ours. We believe in independence and confidentiality to create maximum value for our customers. We believe in efficient agility in response to market challenges and changes.


Members of the Agere team have advised on and/or arranged financing for a large number of landmark transactions including:

Social & Environmental

Social & environmental infrastructure is at the heart of our development. The team has been involved in a large number of social and Environmental projects including

  • Hospitals
  • Courthouses
  • School
  • Water
  • Desalination
  • Waste Management

In addition, to evaluate our environmental performance, we have calculated the company´s Carbon Footprint.


The Agere team has demonstrated experience in the Energy sector with specific focus on Renewables Energy Generation.

  • CCGT, Wind, Solar Hydro, Biomass and CSP.
  • Energy Transmission & Distribution.


Together with our strong focus on Renewables, transportation infrastructure represents the most important area of expertise of Agere Founding Team combined the team has spent over 60 years in providing financing and advisory services globally on including:


  • Roads and Bridges
  • Tunnels and Transit
  • Rail and Light Rail
  • Ports & Airports
  • Parking