Agere`s Carbon Footprint

Agere Energy & Infrastructure Partners carries out all its operations with care and respect for the environment. To verify that the Company is in line with its environmental objectives, the internal team followed up on the company’s Carbon Footprint last year (2019) and set milestones for improvement to reduce its footprint annually.

Figure 1. Agere´s emissions

Figure 2. Different scopes

Currently, most of the employees already use EV on their daily trips to the office, wanting to expand this practice to all of them. On the other hand, electricity consumption is going to be supplied by a Utility Company for having zero emissions at the source of its electricity supply (renewable, nuclear, hydraulic …). Considering only the latter (Scope 2), Agere is expected to achieve a reduction of 29% for next year.

In this way, Agere positions itself strongly as a sustainable company, with emissions much lower than other leading companies in the sector.

Figure 3. Agere vs. Big 4 Carbon


Definitely, all these measures together with the sustainable projects advised by the company (both Energy and Infrastructure), perfectly comply with Agere’s 100% sustainable strategy, the fundamental pillar of the company.